Front Page (I've Got The Story Now)

by Ruiness



Front Page, mascot of the Everfree NW convention.


From Canterlot to Baltimare, Seaddle, Appaloosa
Out to any other dateline to which I could introduce ya
And I'm sorry for that bad rhyme, but you see I'm a reporter
I'm no poet, but I'm great at putting facts in proper order

I'm on the case, I'll get the facts, I'll have it all done in an hour
The presses roll, the truth is known, newspaper ponies have that power
I've got the story now

How clearly I remember back when I was just a filly
Waiting for my cutie mark, which, when you think, is rather silly
If you name your filly "Front Page" you're determining her destiny
There's a front page on my flank, and that is really for the best, to me


I'm often tired, but never bored, I love my job with all its headaches
I may be kicking up my hooves, but I'll be ready when the news breaks
I've got the story now

(Did you know you're all my very best sources?)

Sources tell me that the princess has been weighing a decision
Discord's magic could be useful; should we let him out of prison?
Twilight Sparkle is reported to be flexible but wary
This is gonna be a story every paper wants to carry

I've got a source inside the palace; I'm her mane go-to reporter
She filled me in on everything; I've got it all on my recorder
I've got the story now


released October 28, 2013
Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone, Lyrics - Dana Simpson
Vocals, Production - Nicole Johnson




Ruiness Santa Barbara, California

Ruiness is artist/producer Nicole Johnson and artist/singer Dana Simpson. All songs written and performed by Nicole Johnson and Dana Simpson.

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