Breathless (Song for Spike)

by Ruiness

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Mattatatta The very atmosphere of this song reminds of a handful of tracks I once heard in the late 90's at a young age. Though I was too small to remember those songs, I took from them an appreciation for songs that are spiritual and about introspection. Thanks for the pleasant nostalgia-trip, Ruiness! As ironic as that sounds!
Gabriel Gentile
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Gabriel Gentile Peter Gabriel, eat your heart out.


I walk a path of briar and stone
Flowers and ash, I am alone.
I sing a song of time unknown
To a land of wind and bone.

I eat the colors in the sky,
I steal the colors from the sea.
The colors fill my friends but I
Know this world is not me

Give me your message and I'll
Send it out on wings of flame

But don't ask me how I feel, just
See my eye and say my name

Smoke screen

On the day that I was born
I knocked a gaping hole in the sky
Oh my darling unicorn
I'll love you till the day I die

All my friends know who they are
They wear it for the whole world to see
A pink balloon, a shining star
But that'll never happen to me


released September 6, 2013
Writing, Vocals, Saxophone - Dana Simpson
Writing, Vocals, Production - Nicole Johnson




Ruiness Santa Barbara, California

Ruiness is artist/producer Nicole Johnson and artist/singer Dana Simpson. All songs written and performed by Nicole Johnson and Dana Simpson.

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